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Welcome to Dr. Faris Abusharif’s insightful journey into the world of pain medicine. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Abusharif, an esteemed anesthesiologist based in Orland Park, Illinois, is your trusted guide to understanding, managing, and finding relief from various forms of pain. Explore his extensive expertise, academic contributions, and commitment to improving patients’ lives as you delve into the intricate field of pain management. Whether you’re seeking information, guidance, or simply looking to expand your knowledge, you’re in the right place. Join us on this educational voyage to better understand pain and its treatment with Dr. Faris Abusharif, M.D.

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Who is it for? Whether you're a patient seeking answers and solutions for chronic pain, a medical professional looking to expand your knowledge in the field of pain medicine, or an individual curious about the intricacies of this discipline, Dr. Faris Abusharif's website is a valuable resource for all. Explore a wealth of information, research, and insights tailored to meet the needs of patients, colleagues in the medical field, and anyone interested in understanding pain management on a deeper level.

Dr Faris Abusharif

An accomplished anesthesiologist based in Orland Park, Illinois.

Dr. Faris F. Abusharif, M.D., is a distinguished anesthesiologist with a rich medical career spanning over two decades. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in 1999 and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to advancing the field of pain medicine. As an experienced practitioner, Dr. Abusharif specializes in interventional pain management and minimally invasive spine surgery. He is a Clinical Preceptor for third and fourth-year medical students at Midwestern University Medical School and an esteemed guest lecturer in anesthesia and pain management. With a passion for research, he has presented his findings at numerous conferences and contributed to publications in the medical field. Dr. Abusharif’s dedication to patient care and the pursuit of medical knowledge makes him a trusted authority in the realm of pain medicine.

Dr Faris Abusharif

Dr. Faris F. Abusharif, a distinguished anesthesiologist based in Orland Park, Illinois, is a healthcare professional with a remarkable career spanning more than 20 years. He embarked on his medical journey at the Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in June 1999. This marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to advancing the field of pain medicine.

Dr. Abusharif’s dedication to his craft is evident in his extensive educational background and training. He pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology at DePaul University, Chicago, IL, in October 1995. Following this, his residency training took him through various facets of healthcare, including general surgery, at Nassau County Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago, as well as anesthesiology at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

His specialization in pain management culminated in a fellowship at the University of Illinois, Chicago, from July 2004 to June 2005. Dr. Abusharif’s pursuit of excellence is further evidenced by his board certification from the American Board of Physicians Specialties.

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Pain medicine is a multifaceted and dynamic field that plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals. It delves into the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide array of pain conditions, ranging from acute injuries to chronic disorders. This discipline combines a deep understanding of the physiological and psychological aspects of pain, making it a vital part of modern healthcare.

At Dr. Faris Abusharif’s blog, we’re committed to offering you a comprehensive exploration of the world of pain medicine. Whether you’re a patient seeking relief, a healthcare professional aiming to expand your knowledge, or an individual curious about the latest advancements in pain management, this platform is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our articles and resources cover a wide range of topics, from the latest advancements in pain management techniques to insightful patient stories. Dr. Abusharif’s expertise and commitment to the field shine through each piece of content, providing valuable information and guidance. We invite you to delve deeper into the complexities of pain medicine and join us on a journey of discovery and understanding. Whether you’re looking for answers, insights, or simply wish to stay informed, you’ll find a wealth of information here to aid you on your path to a pain-free, healthier life.

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